Starting a business in Lockdown
How to start a business with no money in lockdown

It is a common belief that if you want to start a business then you need a great sum of money to do that. However this is one of the […]

The success story of Paytm, how did it become so successful?

I’m sure most of you must have already heard the name of Paytm and the majority of you even use it on a daily basis. When we wish to know […]

Video gaming
Video gaming as a career option

Who is not fond of playing computer games? But computer games or video gaming can be a career option? Yes, professional gamers all over the world earn approximately 1 million […]

music apps
The Business Models of Top Online Music Apps In India

Earlier, in order to listen to songs people had to buy music CDs which were quite costly. One needed to buy the whole CD to listen to just one song. […]

Be confident to have a splendid event with these top 10 marketing tips

Worried about your upcoming event? If You want your event to be successful, then getting anxious will probably serve you no good. You’ll end up creating a mess if you […]

Five Reasons Why Snapdeal Failed

In an interview with Economic Times in August 2016, Kunal Behl, founder, and CEO of Snapdeal had said that till March 2016 Snapdeal would achieve the top 1 position in […]

Renault Duster
How did Renault become successful in India

In India, Renault is one of the fastest-growing foreign car companies. At the start, however, Renault had to see many failures because the Indian market is highly competitive and price […]

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