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Flutter Developer - Training Content

Onboarding and Career Progression of Flutter Interns in Fuerte Developers

Introduction: This report aims to outline the process of onboarding new interns in Fuerte Developers and describe their progression and responsibilities within the first few months. The company follows a structured approach, providing opportunities for new interns to showcase their skills and gain experience across different project types.

First Month :


1. Understand the basics like widgets and data flow

2. Collaborate with team members to gather information and insights. asics like widgets and data flow

3. Apply problem-solving skills to identify and resolve issues.

4. Gain familiarity with relevant tools, programming languages, and development methodologies.

5. Seek guidance from senior team members and mentors as needed.

6. Learn to build a basic application with a splash screen, login/registration module and home page with attention-to-detail features like alignment, sizing and responsiveness. s and data flow

Second Month:

Support and Correction on Live Projects based on their performance in the first month. Interns are given the opportunity to work as a support resource on live projects. In this role, they assist in maintaining and enhancing existing systems, ensuring smooth functionality, and addressing any issues or bugs that arise.


1. Understand the functionality and architecture of the live project.

2. Collaborate with the development team to identify and resolve bugs or errors.

3. Document and communicate bug fixes and enhancements to the team.

4. Gain exposure to real-time project challenges and develop troubleshooting skills.

5. Learn to work in collaboration and dive deeper in backend modules like handling files, state management, and architecture of the database.

Third Month:

Web Portal or Application Project After demonstrating competence in the support role. New joinings progress to working on either a web portal or an application project. This phase allows them to contribute to the development of a specific system, focusing on either web-based or application-based solutions.


1. Understand the project requirements and objectives.

2. Collaborate with the development team to design, develop, and test the assigned module.

3. Follow coding standards and best practices.

4. Participate in code reviews and seek feedback from senior team members.

5. Contribute to the overall project deliverables within the given timeline

6. This is only the advance version that has been taught until now, like login modules, state management, handling data from the backend.

7. This is only the advance version that has been taught until now, like login modules, state management, handling data from the backend.

8. The end product will be a full-fledged application.

Project from Scratch (Successful Internship Completion):

Upon successful completion of the internship program, new joinings have acquired the necessary knowledge and experience to undertake a project from scratch. This phase allows them to showcase their ability to envision, design, and develop a new software solution tailored to meet specific business requirements.


Develop a Comprehensive Project Plan:

Utilize acquired skills and experiences to create a comprehensive project plan encompassing all essential aspects. This plan should include clear timelines, milestones, and resource allocation, facilitating efficient project management and ensuring the timely completion of deliverables.

Design and Implement the Solution:

Leverage industry best practices and adhere to established standards to design a robust and scalable software solution. Translate conceptual ideas into tangible implementation by employing appropriate programming languages, frameworks, and technologies. Pay close attention to code quality, maintainability, and scalability.

Test for Functionality, Performance, and Security:

Conduct rigorous testing to validate the developed solution’s functionality, performance, and security aspects. Employ various testing methodologies, such as unit testing, integration testing, and system testing, to ensure the software meets the specified requirements and performs optimally.

Iterate and Refine the Project:

Embrace a feedback-driven approach by actively seeking inputs from team members and stakeholders. Incorporate their suggestions and iterate on the project accordingly. Continuously refine and enhance the software solution to address any identified gaps or opportunities for improvement.
By assuming these responsibilities, the intern-turned-employee demonstrates their ability to take ownership of a project, from its initial conceptualization to its final implementation. This phase allows them to showcase their skills, creativity, and problem-solving abilities while contributing to the company’s growth and success.


The onboarding process for new joinings in the Fuerte Developers is structured to provide a gradual learning curve, starting with a dummy project and progressively moving towards more complex and challenging assignments. This approach allows employees to develop their skills and gain practical experience in a supportive environment. By the end of the first four months, new members are equipped with the necessary knowledge and expertise to contribute effectively to the company’s projects and initiatives.