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HR Manager - Training Content

Month 1: Introduction to HR Practices

1.1 Welcome and Orientation

1.1.1 Introduction to the Company

1.1.2 Overview of the HR Department

1.1.3 Objectives and Expectations of the Internship Program

1.2 HR Policies and Procedures

1.2.1 Introduction to HR Policies and Employee Handbook

1.2.2 Understanding Confidentiality and Data Protection

1.2.3 Code of Conduct and Ethics

1.3 Recruitment and Selection

1.3.1 Job Analysis and Job Descriptions

1.3.2 Sourcing and Attracting Candidates

1.3.3 Resume Screening and Applicant Tracking Systems

1.4 Onboarding and Orientation

1.4.1 New Hire Paperwork and Documentation

1.4.2 Orientation Programs and Employee Integration

1.4.3 Employee Handbook Review and Compliance

Month 2: HR Functions and Processes

2.1 Employee Relations

2.1.1 Understanding Employee Relations and Engagement

2.1.2 Conflict Resolution and Mediation Techniques

2.1.3 Performance Management and Feedback

2.2 Training and Development

2.2.1 Training Needs Analysis

2.2.2 Designing and Implementing Training Programs

2.2.3 Evaluation of Training Effectiveness

2.3 Compensation and Benefits

2.3.1 Introduction to Compensation Structures

2.3.2 Job Evaluation and Salary Benchmarking

2.3.3 Employee Benefits Administration

2.4 HRIS (Human Resource Information Systems)

2.4.1 Introduction to HRIS and its Importance

2.4.2 HRIS Data Management and Reporting

2.4.3 HRIS Implementation and Integration

Month 3: HR Strategic Initiatives

3.1 Performance Management

3.1.1 Performance Appraisal Systems

3.1.2 Setting SMART Goals and Key Performance Indicators

3.1.3 Performance Improvement Plans

3.2 Talent Management

3.2.1 Succession Planning and Career Development

3.2.2 Talent Acquisition and Retention Strategies

3.2.3 Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

3.3 Employee Engagement and Wellness

3.3.1 Employee Engagement Strategies

3.3.2 Wellness Programs and Work-Life Balance

3.3.3 Employee Recognition and Rewards

3.4 HR Compliance and Legal Aspects

3.4.1 Employment Laws and Regulations

3.4.2 Compliance with Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)

3.4.3 Workplace Safety and Occupational Health

3.5 Final Project and Wrap-Up

3.5.1 Completion of Assigned HR Projects

3.5.3 Review and Feedback on Internship Experience

3.3.3 Employee Recognition and Rewards