10 advantages of digital marketing over traditional marketing

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Marketing is a fascinating and intriguing concept. Any business needs to do marketing and publishing to be successful. There is no field that is not evolved. Every industry has its new ways and old ways. If you want to thrive in your sector you have to change and adapt yourself to the new technologies and advancements. Traditional marketing has been effective for hundreds of years. But with the new age of the internet, a global market has been opened up for you. You can reach many more potential customers and better your business a lot with the help of digital marketing over traditional marketing.

Traditional marketing:

Traditional marketing componants

Traditional marketing is a conventional marketing method that has been used for centuries. They are effective even still but better and more effective modes of marketing have risen. Some of the traditional modes of marketing are

  • Television
  • Radio
  • Newspaper and Magazines
  • Billboards and posters

Digital marketing:

Digital marketing is marketing via any digital or electronic medium. This would include mobile phones, applications, websites, social media, and search engines. There are many strategies as to how to market in these platforms like affiliate marketing, pay per click advertising, influencer marketing, and such.

Now lets us some advantages that digital marketing has over traditional marketing

      1. Less expensive than traditional marketing :

The advertising cost is very much less when compared to traditional marketing. It could be so less as in the hundreds. If you are a startup you would not have the funds for extravagant advertising. So, affordable digital marketing ways are a blessing to you. Using digital marketing platforms would help you to gain more customers at a reduced cost. With this awful marketing cost burdens off your back, you can spend your money on the functional requirements. With the help of digital marketing, your return on investments could be through the roof.

     2. Brand recognition and development:

You can achieve superior brand recognition when you are advertising through digital channels owing to all the time people spend on digital media. You can create a more consistent and reliable image of your business for your customers. Instead of a small column in a newspaper, you can give more details about your business through articles, blogs, and testimonials to the customers. You can create a very interactive and informative medium and attract the customer’s attention. If they start to frequent your website more often then you have created very trusting images for your brand.

       3.Easy to adjust and lesser commitments:

One of the key advantages of digital media platforms is that you have better control over them when compared to traditional marketing. You can customize your ads and create a more interactive and effective form of advertisement. You don’t have to sign a mountain of paperwork and for a strict period as you do in traditional marketing. If your campaign is not working you are free to pull the ad and only pay for your hours. So do not have to wait a long time before you decide to spend money on it or not.

      4.Better endorsements from the customers:

Before there was” word of the mouth” and now we have the touch of fingers. When it comes to traditional marketing if the customers wanted to share an advertisement for a product that interests them, they probably had to wait for a gathering to share it with their friends. But if a customer encounters an ad in digital media, he or she can share it with others almost instantly with a click. This way, you are reaching a considerable number of potential customers with your advertisements.


Digital marketing is giving customers the privilege of choosing to watch an ad. They can skip or ignore it if they want. When you take traditional marketing, the advertisements are almost forced to the customers like a flyer being handed out to you by a stranger and you have to answer his clear questions about your requirements. All of these interruptions are avoided when it comes to digital marketing. Also, these flyers are handed out to people whether they need it or not, meaning it does not reach the targeted audience for the product.

   6.Global market:

When you advertise via traditional marketing mediums you only get exposure to a limited group of people. But through digital marketing strategies, you can reach a global market. Imagine how much business it would gather. There are many success stories of small startup businesses gaining huge popularity due to their exposure to global media. They say our whole world has turned into a global village of opportunities.

 7.Targeted audience:

In digital marketing, you can target your audience and ensure that you reach the correct audience and those you were intended to reach. Determining a target audience is very important because without them all the efforts that you have will go in vain. With the help of many online tools, you can identify the key demographic for your product. Tools like Facebook analytics provides you with that data, and you can reach your perfect customers. Segmentation is another concept that is implemented while identifying targeted customers. Segmentation is when a group of people is broken down further into other small groups of particular tastes. For instance, if you are advertising men’s footwear, you can pick out email solutions to forward your brochures to men alone. This will help you in saving your resources and also to reach many future customers.

  8.High return on investment (ROI):

It is difficult to track the Return On Investments no matter what mode of marketing you choose but digital marketing makes it comparatively easier for you. Since you get almost instant results on your ad campaign you can further decide whether to spend further in your campaign or not. This way you can change your strategies according to how the customers are responding to your advertisements. You can get威而鋼
elaborate data on how your ad campaign performs. Traffic data, how many customers have shared your ad, how many customers have clicked on it. All of these can be determined with the help of some basic tools like Google Analytics and such.

     9.Better customer relationship:

You can create a personal approach with your customers by giving them a platform to directly contact your brand. By creating social media profiles for your business you can give the consumers an insight into the workings of your brand. You can upload videos and testimonials of your employees and explain to the customer the workings of your organization.

  10.Customizable and strategy analysis:

You can create ads to your liking for example if you think a video advertisement would have a better reach you can use that. If you prefer to pay per click advertisements, that is possible. You get a wide range of advertisements and you can use and based on what works for you, you can modify your strategies.

These are some of the advantages digital marketing media has over traditional or conventional mediums of advertising. Digital marketing platforms have greatly helped the businesses small and big businesses alike to achieve good turnover and a loyal customer base.

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