Mobile apps and smartphones have been out for years now and the era of native apps came with them but not everyone has the resources for that. Although apps are important and have a massive role in our daily life and that’s why you are wondering whether to get an app for your business?

The answer is yes but the question is how? Apps have been quite expensive after their importance increased exponentially and maintaining them is a job in itself. So how can one get themselves an app without investing a fortune. 

Why PWA?

PWA is the answer you are looking for. PWA stands for Progressive Web Application. These are still apps but don’t require the standard technologies such as Java and Swift. It can be coded in learner friendly technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript but they do feel like a native app on both platforms.

This kind of app is just a website but it works similar to an app that runs natively by its look and feel it’s all an app. One example is Twitter. Twitter is a PWA, for instance you visit twitter.com and then install it to your home screen. When you click the home screen icon Twitter will open just like an app and if you look closely it looks like a lite version of the native app. You won’t be needing any browser window to operate such an app.

The difference is only visible when you have the native app and the PWA website both running on the same machine. Otherwise, there will be no difference and the website will work as an app without the need of any additional language and no extra cost.

PWA also makes it easier for people to install them in their smartphones and require no additional space compared to a native app while providing the same experience.

If you are interested and it sounds like a lot then you can use our PWA services to relax while your app does its job.

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