How big is apple and what all can it buy?

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Apple, the top IT company presently has around  $285 billion in cash reserves. Apple, with its income, could purchase 3 Indian companies including Reliance Industries, TCS as well as HDFC bank. It could buy the three organizations. It would not even be an expensive purchase for they’d still be left with more than Rs 2 lakh crore. They can manage to distribute 2400 rupees to all people around the world or 13,500 rupees to all Indians.

Apple, the largest company in terms of revenue is among the top IT companies and is among the top 5 phone manufacturing companies. Thanks to solid interest for its new iPhones, the organization currently has a market estimation of about $910 billion. Apple’s rival company, Alphabet (Google’s parent company) has a market capitalization of about $790 billion, Amazon has a market capitalization of about  $760 billion, and Microsoft has a market capitalization of about  $728 billion while Facebook has a market capitalization of about  $537 billion. India’s most valuable company Reliance has a market capitalization of about $88 billion.

Apple passed another achievement announcing more than $285 billion in cash. It’s more money than individual tech companies like  Microsoft, Google parent Alphabet, Facebook and Amazon combined. In the money reserves ranking, Microsoft is second among those four organizations, with $134 billion in cash reserves. The Google parent has $100 billion in cash reserves, Facebook with $38 billion and Amazon comes in at $25 billion. Apple can manage to take over Netflix, Uber, Tesla, and Snapchat altogether in a single buy. Not only that Apple can buy all public and private banks, 2-wheelers, 3-wheelers, and truck companies excluding HDFC.

The run of Apple stock has been very successful. As overwhelming as it might appear to be, little investment in an organization like Apple would be of great worth today. An insignificant 60,000 rupees investment in the organization’s stock toward the start of 2003 would have developed and increased to more than 1 crore by now. Co-founder Ronald Wayne sold a 10 % stake at $800.  Today, a 10 per cent stake in Apple would be worth more than $80 billion. To date, Apple bought Beats Electronics for $3 billion. It prefers to take over small companies and follow their requirements and integrate them into their products eventually merging with them. It is recently working to get back the shares. Recently Apple invested $234 billion to get the stocks back. Apple and Samsung are continually working on innovation in mobile phones. The outcomes are found in each version of the gadgets.

There is an immense contrast between the iPhone, first presented by Steve Jobs, and the most recent one reported by Tim Cook. It figures out how to make more income by producing an immense income on each iPhone it sells. A report has said that from the year 2009, the organization has figured out how to produce $600 to $700 per iPhone. On the other hand, Samsung manages to earn $31, Oppo $14, Vivo $13, and Xiaomi $2 on each piece. Apple manages to get a 60% profit while Samsung manages to earn 26% profit. Apple manages to get such a huge amount of profit by launching products as per the market requirement. Their focus is to provide the best product along with the best user experience.

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