digital marketing service
Service Marketing

DIGITAL  MARKETING: digital marketing is the segment component of showcasing that utilizes web and online-based advanced digital technologies, for instance, PCs, cell phones, and other advanced media and also the […]

Reliance’s masterplan to become a trillion dollar company

How Reliance is going to become the first Indian trillion-dollar company? How can Ambani become the richest person in the world? How will the common man be benefited from all […]

social media marketing
Social media tips for marketing

WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have now become an integral part of our lives. Just one notification is required for us to jump into our phone automatically. We are so […]

chinese investments in india
Chinese investments in India

In 2013, China invested $213 million in India and by 2019 China had invested $8 billion. The majority of the investments were done in technological startups which staggered up to […]


Why does an organization need content marketing
Why does an organization need content marketing and how to frame an effective content strategy?

What is content marketing? The various blog posts, articles, videos, infographics, E-courses, slide share, etc. are the work of the content marketing team. The content marketing basically revolves around representing […]

The success story of Paytm, how did it become so successful?

I’m sure most of you must have already heard the name of Paytm and the majority of you even use it on a daily basis. When we wish to know […]

music apps
The Business Models of Top Online Music Apps In India

Earlier, in order to listen to songs people had to buy music CDs which were quite costly. One needed to buy the whole CD to listen to just one song. […]

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