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WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have now become an integral part of our lives. Just one notification is required for us to jump into our phone automatically. We are so preoccupied with social media that we forget we have our own personal life apart from this. Most parts of our lives seem to revolve much around them. Social media platforms, in particular, are widely accepted among the youth. Long gone are the days when children were seen playing outside. With the discovery of smartphones, children now sit back at home and play with the gifted technology. Social media has brought to us uncountable benefits. It has brought our real-life heroes closer to us. Fictional characters like Batman, Superman, and Spiderman appear more realistic than ever before.

It provides us the opportunity to know about our favorite character’s real-life without it, none of us would’ve gotten a chance to see them if social media was not a thing? Personally, I don’t have any chance, to be honest. These media platforms do a commendable job when it comes to minimizing the distance between people. No matter where you are and who you are. Just one message and you instantly get in touch with the person you want to interact with. (Only if the person replies fast!) . No, you don’t have to message Bryan Adams while reading this, I’m pretty sure you won’t be reverted (giggles). I guess social media platforms follow the policy of  “no complaints, no demands”, it just requires good internet connectivity after all.

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With the remarkable success of social media, big reputed companies are finding it highly propitious to market via social media. However, it requires certain steps. You just cannot barge into it and launch your website on social media, right?  That is why companies formulate social media marketing strategies. They use and try various strategies to increase the traffic of the company. It plays a very crucial role in the speedy development of any company’s digital marketing. These companies burn the midnight oil to make marketing ideas for social media. These ideas are developed in such a manner that viewers end up visiting the company’s profile thus, bringing in traffic to the company.

A lot of changes are required every other day in the marketing ideas for social media. Companies need to be up to date with fresh feed based on the latest happening. The company’s followers will automatically drift away if it’s not done. It’s not that easy as it appears to be.

Let’s discuss some social media marketing strategies that can be adopted by small businesses and beginners. It’s quite understood that being in the initial development stage the small business will not instantly have a high number of followers and customers. So it becomes very important for such companies to first focus immensely upon generating leads and growing the brand’s audience. That doesn’t mean the big companies should sit back and have a cup of tea. They too need to work more on getting customers. The focus of the big companies apparently will be low in comparison to the new ones. Your goal must be of business development. Developing business strategies and ideas in such a way that it harnesses more leads and followers. You can learn more about business development by going through the website. It will give you a wider study of business development.

Now the question is, what strategies do small businesses adopt to generate leads? To answer this question you need to first set meaningful and achievable marketing goals. You surely can not set a goal of getting 100000 or more sales in the first month itself. Can you? Set goals that can be easily achieved by the company or in other words take baby steps. Start from a small number and then keep on increasing it with your progress. Understand your customer’s needs and the type of content they want to see. A company can never prosper in an environment where it does not cooperate with its customers. Therefore, the customers should be of utmost importance to the company. Get to know more about the customers.

What they like and what they want. What keeps them engaged?

You can do this through various polls and campaigns. Reply to customers’ queries as soon as possible, don’t ever leave your customers hanging. It gives a bad impression. As a startup, you need to grow your brand’s audience. Develop various marketing ideas for social media to do that. You can also go live on various social media platforms to get more close to your customers. You need to be up to date regarding all the changes that are happening in markets around you. Take a look at what your competitors are doing and try to derive benefits and loopholes in that. Don’t copy them. Deriving loopholes will give you a chance to study the faults your competitor made and be better in them.

(Here’s a link you can get to learn more about digital marketing, and what makes it so important. Fuerte Developers)

From the data collected through the above social media marketing strategies, formulate engaging social content. Social media content marketing will do an astonishing part of getting success. You just need to get the right data and make thrilling content for your company that will help the company get the attention of new customers. Social media content marketing is like the backbone of your company. It is with the help of the content you’ll be demonstrating your company’s products and services. You can also say it is the face of your company and you definitely won’t want your face to be damaged in any way. So collect the data wisely, considering all the customer analyses. Now coming up to the marketing ideas for social media. There are various ideas that are being used tremendously over the years by big and small companies to grab the attention of their viewers.

From social media influencer marketing to different social media campaigns these have been widely used and adopted. It doesn’t really matter considering the size of the business when it comes to implementing this idea. “it’s given away time ” one of the most creative ideas that are being adopted by every other company is to run a giveaway contest. Who would lose the opportunity to get something free of cost? We Indians don’t do that, it’s not in our blood. Even if the product is of no use to us, we’ll still try our luck. It’s funny and brilliant at the same time. No pun intended, but I myself had applied for so many giveaways. You must have noticed several times companies asking you to tag your friends and follow them in these giveaways. Now you know why they do that. Well, smartly played by them.

Many times while watching IGTV videos of famous people, you must have seen them demonstrating a certain product, which they of course do not sell. This is what is called social media influencer marketing. Here companies choose people, mainly famous personalities with strong followers to market their products on their social media handles. You can get in touch with some influencers to get in more followers through them. You can also hold various AMA(ask me anything) sessions on your social media so that your followers get to know you more. Take advantage of trending topics. Make articles on them and post them, it will derive a lot of attention. Nowadays people are so much into making and sharing memes on funny trending topics. You can also make memes and share them, I’m sure it will make your followers happy and entertained.

Try co-marketing with another brand that has a similar target audience like you. It will help both the parent companies get followers and leads through each other. Don’t co-market with your competitors. You can also use marketing campaigns on social media. These campaigns focus greatly on big targets. They are held on more than one social media platform and it helps in reaching the business goals. To make your marketing campaigns a big hit you need to promote your content rigorously on your social media handles. Craft a mind-blowing strategy and implement it. Choose a certain message you want your customers to reach through this campaign and then use that message almost everywhere. These social media campaigns will improve your brand awareness.

You will get to connect more with your customers and it will also end up in the accumulation of high leads. It will increase the traffic of your company’s website and also will drive sales for the products and services you offer. You won’t be able to do this campaign in isolation. Take some known faces with you in this campaign and make them do marketing for you. Make unique hashtags and try engaging with your audience daily. Go live and talk about your campaign with your followers. Make content that will excite people for this campaign.

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Let’s study about one of the best social media campaigns held. Dove launched the self-esteem campaign 15 years ago. It used several platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube website to market their campaign. This was a big hit and was added to the “top 100 campaigns of the 21st century” so far. It used #real beauty and brought in the notion of self-esteem and self-love into marketing. This was one of the first companies to focus on natural inner beauty and was highly applauded and rewarded for it. Just like Dove you too can create a campaign with a strong message which will not only reach a wider scope of the audience but also help in bringing some changes in the society.

Social media has always been used to market products and services. It’s only with the help of social media that companies are able to get in touch with their customers at a more personal level. Without social marketing, the companies would not have achieved the heights. It is an easier way in comparison to door to door marketing, but as easy it seems as difficult it is. Companies if they follow the marketing strategies and ideas wholeheartedly then nothing can ever stop them to be successful and popular. But yes, one must bear in mind that ‘Rome was not built in a day” so yes, the success of any organization does not come overnight. You have to put in all the efforts and wait for years to taste the fruit of success. It demands patience. It demands persistence.

Even if you’re not able to reach your goals on time don’t lose hope and work on finding the loopholes and try eliminating them as soon as you can. Try these simple yet effective tips and see the result.

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